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UK investment opportunities for a decisive decade

From Brexit to 2030 via climate change and a global pandemic; the 2020s are shaping up to be an eventful decade for the UK economy.

Join Citywire and J.P. Morgan Asset Management to make sense of what might happen.

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The Dividend Dilemma

The Dividend Dilemma

What extraordinary times we are living in! Away from the heroes on the front line who are bravely battling this pandemic, fund managers around the world are spending their time trying to absorb and analyse the data, trying to second guess what the next stage of the...

Claverhouse buys ‘new nifty 50’

Claverhouse buys ‘new nifty 50’

‘The nifty 50 was a phenomenon in the US in the 60s when earnings were scarce... Today, it is the tech giants – almost a nifty five’ Will Meadon, JPMorgan Claverhouse investment trust. Housebuilders, life assurers and online retailers are among Will Meadon’s ‘new...

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